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APLUS Enerji’s organizational culture is based on mentor system and mindful for employee’s ideas.

In consideration of our trainee program and career maps, we bring out “APLUS Career” for both trainees and experienced professionals. You can follow suitable positions for your APLUS Careers by click here.

You can send your resume and motivation letter to us via address or you can fill the application form on General Application page.


You can reach our recent job postings on “Open Positions” menu and deliver your applications by filling quick application form. Recruitment process is follows as below;


Employee Profile

Young, dynamic and value creating organizational structure is involved on the basis of the APLUS Enerji’s success.

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average seniority



APLUS Enerji facilitates employees to rotate their careers in a suitable position in accordance with their experience and knowledge.

APLUS Enerji aims to provide employees a long-term career trip and discover their potential.

Education and Self-Development

Our employees are the best resources on our success to achieve targets, so that we consider development and highly motivation of our employees on continuously.

APLUS Enerji adopted to support its employees since they are the most valuable assets of company to make learning questioning and research a lifestyle and also developing themselves both in personal and professional. APLUS Enerji encourage employees to attend outsourced professional education. Human resources department make educational analysis at the beginning of the year and prepare the education programs for the year.

APLUS Enerji recommends employees to continue studying their post-graduate education while working so that we have cooperation with Bahcesehir University CO-OP model.

We aim that offering career plans to new graduates and internship programs for students on career days.

Social Activities

APLUS Enerji believes that sparing time to social life while working has a positive effect to increase employee’s motivation, so that we organize monthly employee meetings and we celebrate employee’s birthday.

Individual Offer System

APLUS Enerji has created an Individual Offer System which is called “Aklıma Süper Bi’ Fikir Geldi”. System rewards the offers on the comprehension of improving current applications, innovative ideas related to company’s aims. Offers are collected by HR department, evaluated by offer evaluation system and implemented by related department. Individual offer system which create a competitor environment on the eye of employees has quarterly and yearly evaluation terms. According to the evaluation results winner are specified. Winners can choose their awards from the award scale.

Performance Management

APLUS Enerji has built a performance system based on competences since they provide employees to display highly working performance. Performance management system includes corporate, professional and managerial competences and its behavioral indicators.
Performance management system has two mid-term evaluation that allows managers to evaluate their team members. Performance awards are specified by employee’s grade at the end of the year.

Salary and Vested Benefits

Salary system has established on the basis of the position, person and performance. Personal, educational and professional characteristics bring out applicant’s grade and specifies outline for the salary offer.

APLUS Enerji facilitates employees, individual pension plan, health care assurance and life assurance.

Employees are given ticket card with a monthly credit.

Required Qualifications

Employee’s required qualifications are listed as following;

  • Team-work oriented
  • Customer oriented
  • Self development
  • Good communication skills
  • Adaptability
  • Competence motive
  • Active learning
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